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Masahiro Abe

Underwater photographer


He often went to streams and rice fields in his childhood,

he like watching the aquarium tank all the time,

he attracted by the charm of water from a young age.

Began taking portraits in the landscape of the sea and waterside since 2006 and

start underwater portraits from 2010.

The main works are "Aquarium Girl" series with a motif of the girl live in an aquarium

placed on the window side,

“Listen to the sound in the water" series with expressing the world to be visible

when you keep standing in the water,

and “Beyond the water-capital highway –“series which expresses by multiplying the flow of water with the flow of the car of the capital highway.

Solo Exhibition


"Aquarium Girl"   Omotesando,Tokyo,Japan

"Aquarium Girl2"  Ginza,Tokyo,Japan

"Aquarium Actresses "  Asagaya,Tokyo,Japan

"Aquarium Actresses2 "  Ebisu,Tokyo,Japan

"Aquarium Actresses3 "  Nakanobu,Tokyo,Japan


Group Exhibition


Onaeba Vol.18  Yokohama,Kanagawa,Japan

Portraitsenka Final  Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

Saturday Night Nude Kyobashi,Tokyo,Japan


 Belly Dance Exhibition  Edogawabashi,Tokyo,Japan

Photographer's perspective: light and blink Vol.39  Kayabacho,Tokyo,Japan


Exhibition of the capital highway seen in art works Osaki,Tokyo,Japan



Exhibition of the capital highway seen in art works Vol.2  Yotsuya,Tokyo,Japan



Onaeba Vol.18 Media Partner Award Digital Camera Watch Award

”Gekkan Cameraman” magazine April issue "2016 Gekkame attention!! Japanese photographers 55 people"

Photo album

2018 First Photo Album "Aquarium Girl"

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